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The date of the pregnancy was just over five weeks, I simply couldn’t’ believe it.As soon as I left the clinic I phoned Stephen, who had been waiting up for my call.The sonographer was the nicest person and put me at east straight away.

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I went in for the scan and couldn’t help but feel a little bit excited as I sat in the chair.

When someone brought an example to class you hadn’t heard of before.

When someone sent in an assignment so painstakingly poignant, you easily believed the world was still a beautiful place.

I began to think of that pen-and-paper incident when I turned up at college today to check the girls final examination papers without a red pen; it was handed over to me rather kindly, “It’s just a red pen.” I spent the rest of the day in a staff room correcting papers, over a generous supply of coffee and sandwiches and even a Bombay When I walked out into the Bangalore sun, I realized I had somehow done it- six long months of my semester 6 teaching stint with the Communications Studies students at Mt. I was afraid at first, how do you be and stay relevant to a classroom full of young girls infinitely smarter, and a digital generation ahead of you?

How do make the hours worth their time, how do you hold their attention, their interest, and even make them laugh?


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