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Some Oldsmobiles are equipped with engines produced by other GM divisions, subsidiaries or affiliated companies worldwide. Bartholomew's Church, has a new fight on his hands — with General Motors heir Stewart Mott. 6: Films Directed by Vincente Minnelli in Celebration of his Birthday. SINCLAIR ARMSTRONG, leader of the opposition to plans to build above St. Once the honeymoon is over and all those new customers are sucked in, these rates will no doubt fall to what the average money-market fund is really paying. m i i 5r f m m i I MARCH 7, 1983/NEW YORK 37 How Good Is Your Bank i m i I (Right now it's really paying about 7.6 percent.) Most of the Super-Nows are a bad deal. ^ We can provide you with a computer system and an out- standing selection of software from IBM, Apple, Epson, or Os- borne. Callas also could have done a wonderful Salome had she chosen to " 'Bern Scatc RI ■JMi^^'*^ . Edward Barth-Mc Guire I Manhattan IT SEEMS TO ME THAT ANTHONY BURGESS has stubbed his own musical toe. Burgess limits his discussion to women "because all the great operatic roles are female." What about Boris Godunov, Verdi's Otello, or the Don Giovanni of Mozart, the composer who "had little time for singers of any kind" and yet was able to come up with The Magjic Flute, Idomeneo, Cost Fan Tutti, and Abduc- tion? Burgess asserts that in "marry- ing into Italy" he married into opera, but I suspect that his marital rations of mu- sic have been short. The de- terioration of this housing is accelerat- ing rapidly. T.: Gastel Glnb VOWING THAT HIS CLIEN- tele will include only "the very best," Jean Castel is planning a New York ver- sion of his famous Paris nightspot. This will be hard com- petition for Regine," said Castel's public-relations woman, Yanou Collart. We also have a fully trained staff of computer professionals who will advise you on a one-to- one basis, offer demonstrations and provide you with practical hands-on experience. proper in Scotch with a Splash Scotch and Soda Scotch and Tonic Scotch and Bitters do so. Sixty years is the maximum useful life of a building absent substan- tial new investment for reconstruction or replacement. "One day, Castel refused to allow King Hussein, of Jor- dan, into the Paris club, be- cause he had four body- guards with him and they would have ruined the am- bience." Located in the Crown Building, at Fifth Avenue and 57th Street, the mem- bership-only club (initiation fee, about 0; annual dues, probably around 0) is set to open in November and will feature two restaurants and a disco. You only have to put in an extra 0 right now, on top of the ,000 max- imum, to reach the ,500 threshold. Almost all of the banks require that the customer keep a minimum balance to obtain the market rate. 2 p.m.: "Blonde Cobra" (1959/63) by Bob Fleischner and Ken Jacobs, with Jack Smith; p.m.: "Senseless" (1962) by Ron Rice; p.m.: "Skullduggery", "Panels for the Wall lo the World", "Science Friction." Dir.

Davis and pleaded with him to ap- plaud the stranger's own composition. Davis went on to identify this man as Lawrence Widdoes. Davis's ears are certainly better than his eyes, for Mr. As for the money-market savings accounts, the banks are currently bettering the non-bank money-market-fund interest rates, though that situation is not likely to last. Most banks are linking the money-market accounts to regular checking accounts so that customers can make all the transfers they want into the checking account, on which an unlimited number of checks can be written. r G5R4-L8N- Cc PRESENTING THE PHILIP KINGSLEY INTERACTIVE HAIRCARE SYSTEM The Philip Kingsley Interactive Haircare Treatments: All, dependent on your personal hair analy- sis. During the intermission of a concert of contem- porary music, a stranger rushed up to Mr. Super-Nows are federally insured and give the customer full check-writing privileges; most have fair-size monthly service fees unless the minimum balance is maintained. Tom Brokaw is an experienced newsman, articulate and quick-witted. So it offers front-wheel drive and rack-and-pinion steering for the curves. The role was supposed to go to Tootsie star Hoffman, Edwards is saying, but about Burt, and ranted and raved and accused Blake of stealing an idea of his for the script," said Tony Adams, who, as Edwards's co-pro- ducer, witnessed the spat. 1, 6 p.m.: "Sabotage" (1936) by Alfred Hitchcock, with Sylvia Sidney and Oscar Homolka. Mc Qahee Staff: Theresa Breanlhan, Helen Fajerman Patricia Herlierich, Mim I Moakowitz Marilyn Taerstein Chicago: Heidi Crumley, Manager Classified Advertising Manager: Mel Worby Staff: Kathy Kontilea Information Services Manager: Valerie Taylor Personnel Manager: Mary O'Connor Office Services Manager: Mary Ann Mc Carthy Staff: Paul Abrams, Andrew Cruz, Jacqueline Deaa Stan Katta, Rodney Madden, Joseph Marktelder George Pogua, Anna Prealo Special Consultant: Mort Glanko H News Group Magazines President: Marty Singerman Director of Finance: Alan Greene Coordinator: Lucille Piccoli / r CIMARRON RESPONDS You can sense it the moment you first see Cimarron's bold, contemporary road stance. Your Total Financial Planning program might well include stocks and bonds, options, municipals and money market funds . Mary Considine Manhattan SHOULD A WRITER WHO CAN DISMISS A room containing the Augustus of Prima Porta as "more Greek and Roman sculpture," after complaining about not being invited to pre-opening parties, be given space in your magazine? Peter's Banker, being published by Franklin Watts in June. According to the book, Di Falco, who was Bordoni's attorney, de- posited about .3 million of those funds in three Swiss banks, in accounts whose owners are still unidentified. had been em- bezzled," writes Di Fonzo, who believes that the al- leged swindle may have had a role in Franklin's collapse. Davia, David Denby, Jack Egan Linda Bird Francke, Gael Greene Anthony Haden-Gueat, Pete Hamlll Bemice Kanner, Jeaae Kombluth, Michael Kramer Kay Laraon, Mary Ann Madden, Nicholaa Pilaggi Henry Poat, Alan Rich, Tony Schwartz, John Simon Tobi Tobiaa, Craig Ungar, Lally Weymouth Jamaa Wolcott, William Well, Linda Wolla, Vic Ziegel Around Town Editor: Ruth Gilbert Sales & Bargains Editor: Leonora Fleiacher Associate Editors: Florence Fletcher, Quite Mc Math Assistant Editors: Georgia Qunn, Richard MInaarda Corky Pollen, Mayer Vithner Editorial Assistants Ellen Hopkina, Fran Keaalar, Caroline Law Tanya Lenkow, Sarah Lewis, Deborah Mitchell Evelyn Norman, Eric Pooiey, Laurie Schechter Jennifer Seabury, Jeannette Walla Cue Listings: Gillian Duffy, Madeline Johnson Editorial Publicity: Suzanne Eagle Art Director Patricia Bradbury Art Production Manager: David White Assistant Art Director: Don Morris Assistant Photo Editor: Suaan Varmszen Assistant Art Production Manager: Slialley Lafkowilch Art Staff: Christina Lang (Art Assistant) Deana Folsom, April Garston Jeff Pappalardo, Vivetta Forges, Joen Ranieri Publisher Cathleen Black Circulation Director Vinca Dema Circulation Business Manager: Harold Shain Staff: Linda Cortasa, William Donaldson Nora George, Ellen Goldwaasar, Bella Hopkinson Amy Kiraon, Ann Llewellyn, James Smith Production Director Frank Sullivan Production Manager: Richard Muahleman Staff: Oolorea Libarto, Kathy Tomlin Controller Sidney Ferenc Credit Manager: Molly Strauss Staff Accountants: Ruth Chamberlain, Carmine Tiero Staff: Lisa Anaelmo, Teresa Ferr I Jeffrey Nozilo, Mark Sabb Advertising Sales Director David O'Braaky Advertising Manager: Marvin Krauaa Promotion Director Elaine Shindler Promotion Manager: Anthony Irving Research Manager: Ken Mellaner Staff: Anne Lewis, Jitsnn Picariallo Jane Podhoretz, Chris Shea Sales Representatives Alan Barman, Larry Burttein, Elinora Carmody Mary Joe Cassidy, Carol Crellin, Betsy Cronen Patricia Drazan, Nan Elmora, Thomas Florio Jack Kaduson, Alan Tigner, Lori Zelikow Advertising Coordinator: Nancy Pollock Computer Operations: J. At Prudential-Bache, we call it Total Financial Planning. Total Financial Planning requires a careful assessment of your entire financial situation, and the assembling of a financial profile that forms the basis of an approach to meet all your financial objectives. Sally Webster Manhattan I SHARE NEITHER THE BELIEFS OF THE ancient Egyptians nor those of Alex- ander's Greeks, yet somehow I managed Letters for this department should be ad- dressed to Letters to the Editor, New York Magazine, 755 Second Avenue, New York, N. Surely you could have found a reviewer with a more objective ap- proach, someone who would not have resented "the show's implicit assump- tion that the church's history is every- one's." The Vatican exhibit is anything but an attempt at proselytizing. As Sindona's Franklin National Bank neared col- lapse, in 1974, Carlo Bor- doni, the financier's cur- rency expert, siphoned money from the Sindona group to Switzerland, writes Luigi Di Fonzo in St. The key differences among the money-market accounts from bank to bank are the interest rates and monthly fees.


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