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I should also note the dream logic here, since this place had ample street parking (in LA no less) and cars parked the dining area.

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As I rifled through the impossible number of papers shoved in my pockets, I found two checks.

One for a paltry amount — and change — and the other for semi-significant cash, I noticed the larger check was torn at the top, destroying the bar code (which I can only assume was an easy visual stand-in for the routing or account numbers, since I always have problems with reading/numbers in dreams. My attacker drew closer, and while his approach was subdued — I managed to hold him off by keeping him at arm’s length (I may have been pushing his face back with my palm) — my attempts to scream grew all the more desperate. I woke up at some point, but the dream had already gone on far too long. After starting to write this (admittedly pointless) post, I remembered another dream from last night.


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