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The reason people in the uk and Europe can't see the link it's because of that. Hello all, I am new to this forum, but not new to the site.I will try to post at least one's a month (English is not my mother tongue).Now if there were lots of groping, and boob squeezing, and lots of crotch groping, and penetration with phallic devices and forced sex, and some hard paddling (not light spanking, but hard spanking) and that was set in old time era, I might have my interest peaked.But I'd really rather it be put in a more current era, cause the clothes women wore back then blows compared to later era tight mini skirts, nylons/pantyhose, tube tops, boots or heels, etc.I read some days ago a comment about Canada and Belgium ("we can't have it in Canada but even in Belgium they can buy it" or something like that).Because I am Belgian citizen I was rather pissed of with this comment but now I can say the same thing (together with the UK comment some hours ago) :" We in Europe can't still buy Maleficarum but in some countries like Canada they can" ....So if I'm unusually quiet the next few days about the film, don't take that as any kind of sign other than I'm busy writing.

And for those who don't like seeing "medieval" rags being torn off an actress but want...whatever they want, or don't like this kink so much or want more of that one, or who want someone else to tell them that the actress' skin blisters up and turns black when she is roasting or burning at the stake or that the whipmarks look right or don't and won't buy because the thing that was actually done doesn't come up to the standards of their own personal fantasy images... From the comments on the board, it sounds like there are many like me who will support first and critique later. I'd hate to think we end up like a bunch of old queens going to the best restaurant in town and bitching about how much tarragon is in the sauce.

I enjoy watching a sweating woman being tortured on the rack, not only stretched but other things done to her while she is being stretched during the course of her interrogation. Well, you had to wait over a year for the movie; expect to wait at least few more days for the review.

Before I lay out the money to buy the dvd, could anyone who saw Maleficarum, critique the rack scene for me...there are some good reviewers on here...thank you. It's a lot to write about, as someone who was technically involved in the production, naturally I have my own opinions about the way things turned out.

But if anything is obvious, it is that Maleficarum was not inexpensive to make. If we are all waiting for the movie that fits perfectly to our tastes before we plunk down serious money, we should prepare for a long wait.

I have yet to buy a Kindle, but after I do, will I complain when the last book store in my town closes? Jane is out of the loop today, she ate something that didn't agree with her last night. The upload will be finished sometime today, hopefully before noon our time, that's in two hours.


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