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After each additional question, another drop zone is added, increasing the odds that the contestant will be eliminated after providing an incorrect answer.

From the fifth question onward, there are always five drop zones.

The winning contestant is moved to the top-left zone and has 60 seconds to answer five "brain-teaser" questions correctly.

These usually consist of anagrams and jumbled words (unscrambling letters to form the answer based on clues given), math problems and general-knowledge questions.

If a drop zone lands on that contestant's spot, the trapdoor opens and they drop through the floor and are eliminated from the game.

Otherwise, the contestant remains in the game and becomes the challenger for the next question.

If the contestant fails, he/she drops and receives an additional 0 for every correct answer given.

Saying "My answer is" before the answer is no longer required.

The Russian Roulette set consists of a circle with six trapdoors (referred to as "drop zones" by the host), four of which are occupied by the episode's contestants.One contestant is shown a question and must challenge an opponent to answer it.The challenged contestant is then shown three possible answers and has 10 seconds to choose the right answer.At the conclusion of round three, the remaining contestant keeps all their money and goes to the bonus round, while the runner up drops automatically.If there is a tie at the end of round three, one final random Russian Roulette spin is played to determine the winner.The contestant wins ,000 for answering all ten questions correctly and has the opportunity to risk it to win 0,000, using the same process as the in first season.


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