Updating electrical service

When you connect the new single-pole switch up, you can get confused by the new green screw they come with and hook one of those blacks to it.

The result will be: Don't connect any black to the green screw.

The number, color, and function of the wires at an outlet can be confusing if the original connections are lost track of.

Whether the attachment method chosen is screws, push-in holes, or pigtailing with wire connectors, enough insulation must be stripped off the wire for good metal-to-metal contact, and wires should be tugged on to check tightness. Be aware also of two other matters to do with new receptacles.

This is absolutely the case if the new switches are not the three-way type (having three screw terminals that are not green in color). But even the new three-way switches may have a different alignment of screws than the old.

Hint: attach the two wires which come from the same cable as each other to the two screws that are the same color as each other.

If you are interested in purchasing an old building for commercial use or maybe your business is in an old building that needs a serious upgrade, you will need a specialized crew of Kona Electricians to make it happen.

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Click here for more information about local agency requirements.

Get a quote on having an electrical panel upgrade today.

Keegan Electric will obtain the electrical panel upgrades permits from the customer’s resident city or county. SDG&E will not reconnect your service without a permit.

– Per CA law that passed in January 2017, you must trench this area and repair the concrete which is an additional cost or you can increase your 100 watt panel to a 125 watt electrical panel.

– Can provide professional stucco repair to match the existing texture for a seamless finish at an additional cost.


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