Updating digital slr camera firmware

The older versions of Zoom Browser were originally developed to complement the Power Shot and IXUS ranges of Canon digital cameras.

However, it soon became clear that EOS digital SLR users would also benefit from the features it offers.

In any of the three viewing modes you can highlight multiple images by Ctrl clicking on them.

A double click (whilst still holding down the Ctrl key) then brings up the images in a display window.

To make this possible, Canon has taken the earlier software and improved almost every feature to make it more powerful and feature-filled, yet easier and quicker to use.

Zoom Browser has three viewing modes for organising and reviewing your images ? On the Mac (Image Browser) the viewing modes are called Preview/List and Timetunnel.

This gives you access to the image editing functions.

For quick visual browsing of the images within your folder tree, Zoom mode is the method to use.

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When you rollover an image, a larger thumbnail pops up so you can get a better view of the image.They form the core of the program and give easy access to your images, allowing you to review images in a way that suits you. It displays folders and subfolders as light boxes on the screen, with thumbnails of the images contained within them.The mode allows you to search through multiple folders, viewing the images contained within them and then select on either a folder or image basis.Scroll mode is likely to be more familiar to Windows users as it provides a similar interface to standard Explorer navigation.However, it is different in that it gives you the ability to simultaneously open multiple folders.A further advantage is that it allows you to select multiple images from several different folders and then open them in a larger window to compare them.


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