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An expansive pose can covey social dominance, where an individual stands in the social hierarchy, and how many physical and social resources they have, Vacharkulksemsuk believes females prefer this in a potential romantic partner.For example, the online dating app user could think “I like this certain quality in someone and I want to partake in that, such as physical resources, like money, and social resources, like being part of a dense social network.This shows “traditional resources very desirable,” said Vacharkulksemsuk.Nevertheless, women’s expansive postures positively predicted men's attraction in both studies.Men were attracted to women with open body language.This comes in contrast to the current widely held assumption that social and economic status is important only to women.

Holly Parker, a Harvard lecturer on the psychology of close relationships and a psychotherapist, believes this positive body language, such as an expansive posture, signals that we’re interested in the person.

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Although open postures increased “yes” responses for both genders, they were more effective in garnering a match for men than for women.

The researchers followed up to see whether perceived dominance was a mechanism that boosted attraction to this pose.


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