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At the summit of the pass, a site was founded and named Edgar Station after a physician from one of the original expedition parties.Edgar Station served as a rest stop for railway travelers from the Mojave Desert on their way to the Los Angeles vicinity.Beaumont is a city in Riverside County, California, United States located at a half mile elevation in the pass area south of Southern California's highest peak, San Gorgonio Mountain, and north of San Jacinto Peak.

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With the housing boom in the early decade, the urban sprawl reached the last remaining valleys of the Inland Empire.Since 2000, with Beaumont's close proximity to Los Angeles, various Southern California residents flocked to the San Gorgonio Pass region for its low housing cost, causing a 20% jump in the city's population, making it the fastest growing city in the state.This has concerned many local residents, who cite increasing student population in schools, rising demand on the water supply, and increasing traffic in and out of the city on Interstate 10 in both directions.In May 2016, prosecutors announced that they were charging almost all of Beaumont’s former government leadership with corruption they said had been going on for three decades.Seven former officials were arrested and charged with stealing nearly million from city coffers.New big box stores have recently opened up in town, including a Wal-Mart Supercenter, a Home Depot Home Improvement Center, and Kohl's Department Store in the 2nd Street Marketplace.


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