Quotes about college and dating

[…]If you are looking for some fun quotes about summer, you’ve found your perfect spot in the sun. Summer, the most pleasant time of the year is the “abode and retreat” of poets.This is where they find peace, love, thrills and fun.

I dream at night of operas and concerts in which I have had my share of success.

For volunteer coordinators, consider using a volunteer quote in your email signature so that everytime you send out an email, the recipients see that you appreciate the volunteers.

There are endless quotes floating around that are tailored towards volunteer appreciation.

The day after the Super Bowl is supposedly the day that more folks call in sick to work than any other day.

With so much “illness” going around, thought some of you might want to lean on some insights from authors and other […]These funny Tuesday quotes are a great way to start a work day at the front end of the week.


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