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Researchers from Good Morning Britain – which carried out the probe – were able to watch families at home, a pensioner sitting in her living room, the inside of a child’s bedroom, children playing in a primary school playground and people in a health centre waiting room.None of the people who could be seen in these live streams were aware they were being watched online.The team also found that once cameras had been hacked they were open to IP trolling, which is where hackers take over the camera’s speakers and can speak to people.GMB found evidence of this happening to an adult and child.Ironically most people install these cameras for security reasons and do not realise their security is actually being compromised.Tony Neate, boss of Get Safe Online, advised people to ensure they password-protect their cameras."Not to scare anyone but there are worse criminals out there who might want to know when someone is in their house.” The footage can also be viewed on the ITV Hub website.

Watch the hilarity ensue as tourists stop traffic in order to emulate the scene.For the voyeurs out there: Real Life Cam lets you observe in real time the private life of other (fully aware) people round-the-clock. Watch African wildlife gather at waterholes on several live cams at Africam.Both the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Vancouver Aquarium have several live webcams that let you watch animals live and play in their exhibits, including sharks, sea otters, penguins and belugas.Watch for ghosts at Indiana’s oldest public library, Willard Library, which some believe to be haunted.Fog Cam claims to be the world’s oldest web cam, letting people view San Francisco since 1994.In footage that aired on the programme today, the pair are in the living room when a voice comes through the speaker saying “Hey you angry b***h, come here f*** me!


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