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With its sheer fabric and heavy embellishment, this is a gorgeous way to do the final week of X-Factor.

And with party season upon us, it's the perfect time for us all to embrace a bit of sparkling embellishment.

'It’s about how you react and how you accept things or don’t accept things. I was in that relationship for almost seven years,' she explained. They started their own love story in July and while the long distance is 'hard work', she confessed she has thrown herself all in. When I'm in, I'm all the way in.'Since dating Nicole, Lewis has been romantically linked to a string of women including models such as Barbara Palvin and Winnie Harlow.

She explained: 'I can't sit here and preach I know everything about relationships because at the end of the day I'm just a big, fat, juicy heart of a girl who loves to love. The motormouth had put the brakes on his relationship with Nicole as he previously revealed how she 'always came second' to his racing dreams.

Yet the singer couldn't resist the opportunity to take a swipe at her ex two years later as she seemingly branded him 'selfish' in a Fabulous magazine interview.

The Don't Hold Your Breath hitmaker opened up her old wounds when she discussed her naivety at the time, admitting it was heartbreaking to realise their love wasn't meant to be.

According to The Mirror, this left a bitter taste in Nicole's mouth, and the pair had a blazing argument on Friday night - on the eve of Saturday's show.

Glamorous Nicole seemed to claim the Formula One racing driver was only thinking about what was best for him while she put her all into making the relationship last.

There was no discussion about it so it came as a huge shock.'She went to speak to Simon about it but he had already made his decision and there was no changing it.

Nicole was fuming.'Nicole is supposedly the only judge yet to sign on for next year's season - with many speculating she will be ousted for the return of former judge Cheryl.

We might not go for SUCH a sexy take on the trend but there are loads of glitzy options out there, just waiting to catch the light.

Check out the maxis we've picked out below to get you started.


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