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Ingredients: Filtered well water, 190 proof ethyl (grain) alcohol and pure essential oil.Guaranteed delivery for orders placed by 12/19/2017 using USPS Priority Mail or UPS 2nd Day Air on all in stock purchases within the USA.There are excellent bike lanes and the terrain is mostly flat.33 Shaman is somewhat bikeable, there is minimal bike infrastructure.in 2016, Jeff's book jumped to Amazon's "#1 Hot New Release" position.He was soon offered a publishing contract from Inner Traditions/Bear & Co.and the second edition of the book has now been released with a new title, collects all the basic information, teachings and exercises that Jeff uses in his shamanic counseling work and teaching programs.He wrote it as a self-help resource for his clients, general audiences, and anyone interested in shamanic healing, spirituality and indigenous healing traditions.

You will learn how to move souls that are stuck here (did not cross over) and move them into the light.Then one day in 2009 Nixa met a Cherokee shaman-psychologist in the woodlands of Michigan, and all the lights went on: “Laid out before me was the way home,” Nixa writes of the approach he learned, “a luminous path of self-discovery, healing and power.” He left a successful career, dove headfirst into a seven-year shamanic apprenticeship, traveled to the Amazon, volunteered with Lakota Indians, and trained with world-renowned shamanic teacher Sandra Ingerman.As he slowly mastered the wisdom of his elders he began to teach these skills to others.I highly recommend it for people who are trying to find their way." “The real creative genius of this book is the way it weaves so many useful sources and resources into a practical manual that is highly accessible and user-friendly for the beginner and useful for the professional practitioner as well.I wish I’d had such a manual for my own clients and apprentices.” "Veteran spiritual guide Jeff Nixa teaches you the Path of the Heart, a step-by-step approach to personal growth, healing and transformation rooted in the earth-honoring spiritual practices of world shamanism."When he walked away from a promising law career in his late 20s, Nixa was seeking a more soulful life aligned to his heart.


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