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And it’s just the tip of the piece of equipment that vibrates which you put on the end of your penis. Which you would then catch and then inseminate into your partner.No, you do it yourself, yeah the doctor just advised us the simplest method, with a syringe.And that was mainly to talk about the various options available to us. Once we’d had that conversation, we’d agreed what was the best way to go forward, and that was to purchase a piece of equipment called Ferti Care, which is quite expensive. And I suppose in the simplest terms it’s like a male vibrator.And also whether we were mentally ready as a couple, whether it was the most sensible thing to do considering what we’d just been through. But we managed to get a second hand one for a fraction of the cost, I can’t remember now.

The first thing I did was make an appointment at the spinal injury unit with one of the consultants there that specialised in this area.

It was from another spinally injured patient on one of the forum sites on the internet. Which doesn’t sound like the most, you know the cleanest thing to do, but it’s a medical piece of equipment that’s cleaned, and you know it is fine.

And this piece of equipment, like I said, it’s like a male vibrator.

Pat said the dynamics of a relationship can change when someone becomes disabled.

Although her relationship with her husband, Rob, had changed and she was now his carer, she wanted to ‘think of him as my husband’.


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