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This girl became an overnight sensation when Airtel launched the 4G campaign in 2015. Recommended Read: Shutting All The Breakup Rumours, Bani Posts An Adorable Video With Boyfriend Yuvraj Yes, we are talking about Sasha Chettri, the model-turned-overnight sensation!

At that time, the nakshatra was Punarvasu, and Sun, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter and Venus were in Aries, Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Pisces respectively. These are some of the rarest of the rare astronomical events, which got recorded because of their uniqueness.

This tool helps to arrive at planetary positions given a date in future or past and vice-versa i.e.

given a set of planetary configurations, arrive at the date either in future or in the past.

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Now it seems like the man has found himself a new ‘Sasha’ and is quite happy with his girl.


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