Checkmate international dating

His father ran a garage, his mother was a paramedic, and his little sister was a brat.

As far as he knew, he had only been outside dimensions a couple of minutes; on Earth, however, a whole year had passed.Shortly afterwards, he met his death at the hands of Maxwell Lord, Black King of Checkmate.The Rock of Eternity was later destroyed in mystical battle between Shazam and the Spectre, its contents blasted across the world.The Blue Beetle Scarab came down in El Paso, fire and portent in its wake.Jaime discovered the Scarab on the way home from school with Paco and Brenda, half-buried in a disused lot. That night, the Scarab came alive, and grafted itself to the base of Jaime's spine, inducing strange dreams in Jaime.The next thing Jaime remembered, he had come down in the desert outside El Paso, and Guy Gardner was trying to kill him.


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