the most effective way to stay infection free is to take complete responsibility for your own protection and assume that any guy you have sex with could be carrying HIV or another STD.never assume you will be able to spot someone who has HIV or other STD.if you slip up and allow unsafe sex to happen, you may find that your doctor can offer you “Post Exposure Prophylaxis” (PEP) – this treatment can reduce the chance of infection taking place when you have been exposed to the HIV(AIDS) virus.this treatment needs to be started within 24-36 hours of exposure. Gonorrhea) can make you more susceptible to infection with something more serious (e.g. always have your health checked out if you think you might have picked up an infection.even without a condom, it also reduces the risk that the guy getting fucked will receive small cuts/abrasions in his anus, (these further increase the risk that any infection is transferred).oil based lubricant must NOT be used with a rubber condom, as it will dissolve it.


sucking (oral sex): sucking a guy’s cock is regarded as lower risk than allowing him to fuck you, because the inside of the mouth is more resilient to infection than the rectum.

Looking for news on clubs, cruising, and gay travel destinations, or looking for help with your health, HIV testing and STD’s?

Thinking of going on holiday, and whant to know whats going on?

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there are many diseases that can be caught whilst having sex, some of which cannot be cured and some of which can be fatal.


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