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My co-founder and I have very different interview styles, but it’s great because we have unique interactions in interviews.There are many detailed arguments and observations that Bernal assembles to justify his "Revised Ancient Model" of Greek origins.Bernal draws analogies with with the Norman invasion of England, and the Hun invasion of Europe, noting that when a mobile and aggressive group expands, it usually ends up transmitting not its own culture, but that of the more established regions it has disrupted.However some of these have been vigorously contested in "Black Athena revisited" A small but interesting highlight is Bernal's detailed analysis of the recent realization that the volcanic Thera erruption, thought to have destroyed the Minoan civilization of Crete in about 1500-1450 B.C., actually happened 200 years earlier, in 1628 B. Most texts and museums (including the Thera exhibition at the Museum of Archaeology in Athens) still publicize the wrong date.We get different information from candidates based on our approaches, and that gives us more to work with.


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