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The official narratives, heavily influenced by national-communist and so-called protochronistic ideology, spoke even of the "philosophy of the Geto-Dacians".They were affirming a continuity of philosophical vision from Dacians, via folklore, to contemporary authors.

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In the middle of the 17th century, Romanian acquires the status of liturgical language alongside Greek and Slavonic, and begins to develop a philosophical vocabulary.

In the 18th century, the dominant philosophy in Moldavia and Walachia is the neo-Aristotelianism of Theophilos Corydalleus, which was in fact the Paduan neo-Aristotelianism of Zabarella, Pomponazzi and Cremonini.

Towards the last quarter of the century, this was challenged by the spread of rationalism (Christian Wolff) and empiricism (John Locke).

One opinion is that there are Romanian philosophers, but there is no Romanian philosophy.

In other words, the phrase "Romanian philosophy" has a mere historical-geographical content.


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